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Languages:  English  • Deutsch  • español  • français  • italiano  • 日本語  • 한국어

If you previously had an account to edit stuff here, the password and email address were blanked out (properly so) when Craig did the database dump for me to work with, so that account still exists, but is inaccessible. In addition, the password reset function won't work since the email address was removed. If you wish to reactivate it, you can contact me through the RPTools Forum under username taustinoc, on the Discord channel with the same username, post to the MapTool Reddit sub , or email me at

If you are having trouble getting MapTool or TokenTool to run on a Mac, especially on macOS Big Sur or later, please check here for more info, or ask for help on the RPTools Discord.

Welcome to the RPTools Documentation Wiki, currently we are heavily focused on documentation for MapTool, but documentation for TokenTool or any other application in the RPTools suite is welcome.

Vulnerability in MapTool 1.7.0 and prior. - Please upgrade immediately to 1.8.3 or later. See MapTool server on Discord for more information.

This wiki is a work in progress and currently consists of 932 articles (most of which are macro function articles), so finding exactly what you need may take a little effort at times. If you would like to help contribute to the maintenance of this wiki feel free to request an account and take a look at our editing guidelines. Unfortunately due to a large amount of spam from new user accounts you will need to contact taustinoc' (see above) to create an account. Discord is preferable, because new forum accounts can not send PMs.

Topics you may be interested in:

Basic MapTool Use

Chat & Dice Rolling

Community Resources


Macro Technical Reference




Languages:  English  • Deutsch  • español  • français  • italiano  • 日本語  • 한국어