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The variable token.initHold is a binary variable that indicates whether a token in the Initiative Panel is on hold, or is part of the normal initiative cycle. token.initHold can take a value of 1 (token is on hold) or 0 (token is not on hold).


[token.initHold = value]

Where value is either 1 or 0.


    "hold|Yes,No|Put token on hold in initiative order?|RADIO|SELECT=0 ORIENT=H VALUE=STRING"

[h:token.initHold = if(hold=="Yes", 1, 0)]

Presents the following dialog using the input() function:

and, based on the user's selection, sets token.initHold to either 1 or 0. When this macro is executed, the token's image or line in the Initiative Panel will be altered to reflect its new status.

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