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The special variable roll.result is used within the parameter of the [tooltip:] roll option.


Example Mimicking the Default Display

Attack Result: [t(roll.result): 1d20+AtkBonus+AbilBonus]

Evaluates 1d20+AtkBonus+AbilBonus, assigns that value to roll.result, and then displays the final result with a tooltip containing the value of roll.result.

The parameter for the [tooltip:] roll option is evaluated after the roll itself is evaluated, so that roll.result is available for display.

Example of a Custom Tooltip Based on the roll.result

To illustrate how the order of evaluation can be useful, consider the following short example:

[t( if(roll.result > 10, "Hit", "Miss") ): d20]

This example will display Hit or Miss depending on the result of the d20 roll, and the tooltip when hovering over either word will be the actual numeric result of the d20 roll.

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