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[ ] Tool-tip Rolls

[t: ], [tooltip: ], [t("String"): ], [tooltip("String"): ]

Evaluates the body of the roll (the text after the ':' ) and displays the evaluation steps (like the expanded roll option) in a tool-tip attached to the string argument.

Where no string argument is provided the tool-tip is attached to the result of the roll.

Hovering over the result causes the tool-tip to be displayed.


  1. Subsequent roll options may over-ride the tool-tip option. Do not combine with other formatting roll options such as expanded, result, or unformatted.
  2. The string argument may contain HTML but the results may not be what you expect.
  3. If you want control over the tooltip contents you will need to create your own (see last example)


With string argument

[t("four"): 2 + 2] produces.

Without string argument

For example [t: 2 + 2] produces.

With silly string argument

<div style="background:#fcf; border: 1px solid red; padding:8px;">
[h: href = macroLinkText("numberInput@this")]
[t('<a style=" background:#3a3; font-weight:700; font-size:2em;" color=lime size=6 href="'+href+'">Link</a>'):href]
Silly tooltip example

Roll Your Own Tool-tip

Use the title attribute of a span tag to create a tooltip in HTML.


<span title="This is the tooltip content">This is the thing you hover over</span>

Silly and contrived

[h: nDice = 8]
[h: tDice = 8]
[h, code:{
[tiptext = strformat('<html>
<table border=0 cellpadding=2 bgcolor=#e00>
        <table cellspacing=1 cellpadding=1 bgcolor=orange>
            <caption bgcolor=blue color=white>Result</caption>
    [total = 0]
    [for(d, 1, nDice), code:{
        [dRoll = roll(d, tDice)]
        [total = total + dRoll]
        [bg = if(eq(math.mod(d, 2), 0), "#ffa", "#faf")]
        [fg = if(eq(math.mod(d, 2), 0), "#090", "#009")]
        [tiptext = strformat('%{tiptext}<tr bgcolor=%{bg} color=%{fg}><th>%{d}d%{tDice}</th><td>%{dRoll}</td></tr>')]
    [tipText = strformat('%{tiptext}<tr style=&#32;border-top:3px solid black;&#32; bgcolor=white color=navy><th>Total</th><td>%{total}</td></tr></table></td></tr></table></html>')]
[r: tooltip = strformat('<span style="background:#e80; color:#fec; display:block; font-size:3em; text-align:center; width: 300px;" title="%{tipText}">☛ Hover ☚</span>')]