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getVisible() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b40
Returns true(1) if the visible to players flag is set on a Token otherwise returns false(0). The visible to players flag has two meanings, on a normal Token players will only be able to see the Token if it is set (when all other things like Fog of War etc are taken into account). If it is a Library Token then it determines if players can call Macros using [macro():].




  • tokenRef - Either the token id or Token Name of the token that has its player visibility checked, defaults to the Current Token.

     Note: This parameter can only be used in a Trusted Macro

Token IDs are unique, but Token Names can be duplicated. Using Token Name when more than one token has the same name can produce unexpected results.

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Version Changes

  • 1.3b51 - No longer a trusted function, added id parameter option.