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WHILE Option

Introduced: Version 1.3.b46

Repeatedly executes a statement until a condition becomes false.
The default separator is ",". Some examples of other useful separators: nothing "", space " " and break "<br>".


[WHILE(condition): body]
[WHILE(condition, separator): body]


[h:num = 10]
[WHILE(num >= 0): num = num - 1]

Outputs 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1


This example demonstrates how to put multiple instructions inside a while loop using the [code():] block extension.

Note the use of the second parameter to while to force a line break in the HTML output. Also notice that putting text on separate lines does NOT force the output on separate lines; the HTML <br> element is needed for that.

[h: End = 5]
[H: Num = 0]
[WHILE(Num < End, "<br>"), CODE: {
    Number is [Num = Num + 1],
    Next will be [Num+1]


Number is 1, Next will be 2
Number is 2, Next will be 3
Number is 3, Next will be 4
Number is 4, Next will be 5
Number is 5, Next will be 6