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transferCoverVBL() Function

 Note: This function can only be used in a Trusted Macro

Introduced in version 1.15
Directly transfers Cover VBL from token to the Cover VBL layer if true; otherwise, it transfers from the Cover VBL layer to the token's Cover VBL.


transferCoverVBL(direction, delete)
transferCoverVBL(direction, id)
transferCoverVBL(direction, delete, id)


  • direction - This value can be:
    • 0 transfer normal (red) Cover VBL to token (yellow) Cover VBL
    • 1 transfer token (yellow) Cover VBL to normal (red) Cover VBL
  • delete - Defines if the transferred Cover VBL is deleted from the source.
  • id - OPTIONAL: The token id of the token being acted upon. Defaults to the Current Token.


Example: Transfer Cover VBL from Token to Map
[h: transferCoverVBL(1, "Dragon")]
[h: transferCoverVBL(0)]

Example: Transfer Cover VBL from Map to current Token

[h: transferCoverVBL(0)]

Example: Clear Cover VBL from Token after transfer

[h: transferCoverVBL(1, 1)]

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