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tableImage() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b40
Gets the image asset value from the specified table. If the row is not specified then the default roll for the table is used.


tableImage(name, row)
tableImage(name, row, size)
tblImage(name, row)
tblImage(name, row, size)


  • name - A string containing the name of the table.
  • row - The row of the table that should have the image asset returned.
  • size - The size the image asset returned should be. If the image is not square, this will be the size of the height.


Example 1: Display a random image from table "tbl1" using default roll:
<image src='[r: tableImage("tbl1")]'></image>

Example 1: Display the first image from table "tbl1":

<image src='[r: tableImage("tbl1", 1)]'></image>

Example 2: Display one of the first four images, resized to 40 pixels tall, from "tbl1", chosed randomly:

<image src='[r: tableImage("tbl1", "1d4", 40)]'></image>
Note: In these examples, an image is sent into the chat. When sending multiple images to chat, a rendering issue can occur where images are not fully displayed until the chat panel is updated. Adding a width attribute to your image or img tags can work around this issue if you are experiencing it.

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