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[switch():] Roll Option

* Introduced in version 1.3b46

Chooses among several options and executes code based on the expression.


   case case1: body1;
   case case2: body2;
   default: defaultBody


  • expression - The regular expression that determines which case is executed. Since this is a regular expression, metacharacters such as * and () will need to have backslashes in front of them if you want to match them literally.
  • case - A potential match for the expression, possesses a corresponding body that is executed if a match is made.
  • default - If the expression finds no matches within the cases, then the defaultBody is executed.


  • the case and default statements are the only case-sensitive statements in MapTool, thus CASE or Default will NOT work!
  • strings in the case MUST be surrounded by "double quotes" as 'single quotes' will generate an error.
  • do not put a ; after your last case.


case "at-will": "You may use this power as much as you like";
case "encounter": "You may only use this power once per encounter";
case "daily": "You may only use this power once per day"]


You may use this power as much as you like

case "flail": "one-handed weapon; two-handed does Str*2 damage";
case "shortsword": "used for jabs, so is a puncturing weapon";
case "longsword": "a slashing weapon"]


used for jabs, so is a puncturing weapon

Notice that the first matching clause was the one that the [switch():] option found.

another example

[abort(input("number|0|enter a number"))]
	case 0: "you did not enter a number";
	case 1: "you entered 1 as a number";
	case 2: "you entered 2 as a number";
	default: "you entered a number not equal to 1 or 2"

When using the [code():] option with a switch option, each case body has its own set of braces, like so:

case "Warrior": {
  [Armor = 6]
  [beginningPowers = "Sword, Shield Bash, Bow, Shield, Torch"]
case "Rogue": {
  [Armor = 2]
  [beginningPowers = "Dagger, Hide, Backstab, Pick Lock, Torch"]
case "Wizard": {
  [Armor = 1]
  [beginningPowers = "Dagger, Staff, Light, Lightning Bolt, Fire Ball"]
case "Priest": {
  [Armor = 4]
  [beginningPowers = "Mace, Heal, Protect, Banish Undead, Torch"]
default: {
  [Armor = 0]
  [beginningPowers = "Fists, Feet"]

See Also

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