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setMacroProps() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b48
Sets the properties for the specified Macro Button on the Current Token . The properties are passed to this function as a String Property List. This function accepts either a Macro Button Index or the label of a Macro Button. If it is a label then all of Macro Buttons on the Current Token with a matching label are changed.


setMacroProps(index, props)
setMacroProps(index, props, delim)
setMacroProps(index, props, delim, id)
setMacroProps(index, props, delim, id, mapname)
setMacroProps(label, props)
setMacroProps(label, props, delim)
setMacroProps(label, props, delim, id)
setMacroProps(label, props, delim, id, mapname)


  • index - The index of the macro button.
  • label - The label of the macro button.
  • props - A String Property List or JSON Object containing the properties for the button.
    • applyToSelected - Should the macro be applied to the selected tokens.
    • autoExecute - If the macro will be automatically executed when the button is clicked, accepts true(1) or false(0).
    • color - The name of the color for the button.
    • command - The command for the macro (only when using JSON version of function).
    • fontColor - The name of the font color for the button.
    • fontSize - The size of the font for the button.
    • includeLabel - If the label will be output when the button is clicked. Accepts true(1) or false(0).
    • group - The name of the group that the button belongs to.
    • sortBy - The sort by value of the macro button.
    • label - The label for the button.
    • maxWidth - The maximum width of the button.
    • minWidth - The minimum width of the button.
    • playerEditable - Is the button player editable, accepts true(1) or false(0).
    • tooltip - The tool tip for the macro button.
    • compare - Takes a JSON Array which can contain one or more of the following keywords (only usable with JSON version of the function).
      • applyToSelected - Use the macro applyToSelected for common macro comparisons.
      • autoExecute - Use the macro autoExec for common macro comparisons.
      • command - Use the macro command for common macro comparisons.
      • group - Use the macro group for common macro comparisons.
      • includeLabel - Use the macro includeLabel for common macro comparisons.
      • sortPrefix - Use the macro sortPrefix for common macro comparisons.
  • delim - The delimiter used in the String Property List that is sent to the props parameter, defaults to ";" and can be omitted if you are sending a JSON Object to the props parameter. If you are sending a JSON Object to the props parameter, and using the id parameter, you can set this to "json".
  • id - The token id of the token that the macro button is located on.

     Note: This parameter can only be used in a Trusted Macro

  • mapname - The name of the map to find the token. Defaults to the current map.


Changes the macro button to be red with white text. First by index and second by label(name).
[h: setMacroProps(1, "color=red;fontColor=white")]
[h: setMacroProps("Attack", "color=red;fontColor=white")]

Somewhat silly example that changes the label (e.g. name) of the currently executing macro to the current time and randomly changes the button color.

[h: color = listget("Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Orange",1d6-1)]
[h: index = getMacroIndexes(getMacroName())]
[h: dt = json.get(getInfo("server"),"timeDate")]
[h: time = listget(dt,1," ")]
[h: myProps = setStrProp("","label",time)]
[h: myProps = setStrProp(myProps,"color",color)]
[h: setMacroProps(index,myprops)]

Version Changes

  • 1.3b49 - Added ability for props to accept a JSON object.
  • 1.3b51 - Added id parameter option.
  • 1.3b53 - Added ability for command, compare, playerEditable, applyToSelected, autoExecute, group, and tooltip parameters.
  • 1.5.11 - Added mapname parameter option.