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setLibProperty() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b48
Sets the Token Property on a Library Token. If the name of the Library Token is not specified then the Token Property is set on the Library Token that the macro is running from.


setLibProperty(name, value)
setLibProperty(name, value, libName)


Set a property on the Library Token that the macro is running from.
[h: setLibProperty("defaultStrength", 10)]

Set a property on a specific Library Token.

[h: setLibProperty("defaultStrength", 10, "Lib:Character")]

Using setLibProperty during onCampaignLoad and not being on the map where the library resides will result in a duplicate of that library token on the current map! (Internally, MapTool has to change to the map containing the library token, make all of the changes to it, then change back to the current map. Unfortunately, changes are cached until the onCampaignLoad macro is complete, so when the token changes are written out the macro is back on the current map and a new token is created!)

Version Changes

Updated in 1.11: MTscript functions for acting on library tokens have been modified to also work on Add-on libraries. This modification allows the namespace of the add-on library to be used where the Lib: token name would normally appear. For example,

[h: setLibProperty("defaultStrength", 10, "")]

The properties thus created belong to the add-on, but are stored in the campaign. Removing the add-on will NOT delete this data. (Currently (as of v1.14.3), the only way to erase this data is to create a new campaign.)