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movedOverToken() Function

Introduced in version 1.3.b74
Is used to check if the location of the target token is in an array of cell coordinates like the one received from getLastPath() or the onTokenMove event's macro.args.  


movedOverToken(token, lastPath)


  • token - The target token to compare the
  • lastPath - Optional JSON array of coordinate pairs. If not supplied will use the last path of the current token.


A JSON array of cell coordinates where the moving token crossed the target token.



Check if the current token moved over a token called "Pit Trap".
[r: movedOverToken("Pit Trap")]

Returns: An array of coordinate pairs. In this case, just one.


Count how many cells of caltrops the current token moved through.

[h: lastPath = getLastPath(1)]
[h: locations = movedOverToken("Caltrops",lastPath)]
Token moved over [r: json.length(locations)] caltrops.

Returns: A count of the cells of the Caltrops token the current token moved over.

To be clear: this ONLY works if you have ONE token on the maps called Caltrops, if you want to check for multiple tokens you either need to use their ID or give them a unique name and refer to that.

Token moved over 3 caltrops.

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