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macroLinkText() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b48
Creates the text that would appear in a HTML tag for a link which will run the specified macro when clicked on. This is useful for callbacks in [dialog():] or [frame():]. If you just want to send a click-able link to someone use macroLink().


macroLinkText(macroName, output)
macroLinkText(macroName, output, args)
macroLinkText(macroName, output, args, target)


  • macroName - The name of the macro to run when the link is clicked. The macroName is in the standard macro reference format (e.g. Macro@Lib:Token)
  • output - Who the output of the macro should go to, values are (defaults to none):
    • self - Display only to person who clicked on the link.
    • gm - Display to GM.
    • all - Everyone (acts like a /say)
    • none - Discard any output.
    • gm-self - Display to GM and the person executing the link.
    • list - Displays to a list of players. When the output parameter is "list" then the macro link expects the args parameter to be a JSON Object, that contains a field called mlOutputList which is a JSON Array containing the players to send the output to.
  • args - Any arguments to be passed to the macro when it is called.
  • target - Which tokens to run the macro on. Target can be one or more of the following separated by commas (defaults to impersonated):


To create the text that would go inside a form element as the action attribute, and that will call a macro named Test on the Library Token named Lib:Test:
[r: macroLinkText("Test@Lib:Test","", "gm")]

Returns: macro://Test@Lib:Test/gm/impersonated?

To create the text that would go inside a form element as the action attribute and call the AddWeapon on the Library Token named Lib:PC which will act upon the Current Token:

[r:macroLinkText('AddWeapon@Lib:PC', 'none', '', currentToken())]

Returns: macro://AddWeapon@Lib:PC/none/#ID#? where #ID# is the id of the Current Token.

Sending to multiple players and the GM in 1.3b55

[h: outputTo = '["Fred", "Barney", "gm"]']
[h: args = json.set("{}", "mlOutputList", outputTo)]
[r: macroLinkText("Test@Lib:Test", "list", args)]

Correctly modifying the colour of the link, works both in the chat box and in forms:

[r: strformat('<a style="color:red" href="%s">Click Me</a>', macroLinkText("Test@Lib:Test"))]

Opening an overlay with arguments to the GM panel macro loadGMOverlay for all connected GMs using execLink().

  • This is a very useful pattern to load an overlay for all players or GMs with a library token using onCampaignLoad.
  • In this example, the hypothetical overlay function can take text and background color arguments in a String Property List.
[h: link = macroLinkText("loadGMOverlay@GM", "none", "text=white;background=black")] 
[h: execLink(link, 0, "gm")]

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Version Changes

  • 1.3b55 - Added gm-self and list output options.
  • 1.3b56 - Links created using this function will no longer show a tooltip when displayed in a dialog or frame.