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listGet() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b42
Returns the value in the string list at the specified index. The index for a string list starts at 0.


listGet(list, index)
listGet(list, index, delim)

If delim is not specified then the default value of ',' is used as the value separator in the string list


[r: listGet("This, is, a , test", 2)]

Returns a

[r: listGet("This: is: a :test", 1, ":")]

Returns is

Known Bug

If you use a whitespace character like a SPACE or TAB, listGet can pull the wrong indexed value.

[h: list = "0 1  3 4"]
[r: listGet(list, 3, " ")]
The output should be 3, but it is 4 because of the two SPACE characters being treated as one. Consequently this skips over an empty entry.