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keepLowest() Function

Introduced in version 1.5.2
Generates random numbers to emulate dice rolls; returns the total of a dice roll that includes only a certain number of the lowest dice rolled.


keepLowest(times, sides, keep)


  • times - The number of times to roll the dice.
  • sides - The number of sides the dice possess.
  • keep - The number of lowest rolls that are counted when totaling the roll.


Roll ten twenty-sided dice, keeping the lowest five rolls.
[t: keepLowest(10, 20, 5)]

Returns a number that is between 5 and 100, with a low average.

Roll five ten-sided dice keeping the lowest two rolls, using variables.

[h: DiceTimes = 5]
[h: DiceSides = 10]
[h: DiceKeep = 2]
[t: keepLowest(DiceTimes, DiceSides, DiceKeep)]
Returns a number than is between 3 and 30, with a low average.

See Also

For another method of rolling dice, see Dice Expressions.

Version Changes

  • 1.5.2 - Introduced