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json.unique() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b53
Returns a JSON Array with each value that occurs in the source JSON Array occurring only once. The relative order of the values in the array may not be preserved.




  • array - The JSON Array to return only unique values from.


Lets say you have a JSON Array that contains the following Token names: ["Hero", "Dragon"], and you use getPCNames() to return the names of

the PC Tokens, you could use the following code to generate a JSON Array that contains the values in both JSON Arrays with no value present more than once.

[h: names1 = '["Hero", "Dragon"]']
[h: names2 = getNPCNames()]
[h: names = json.merge(names1, names2)]
[r: json.unique(names)]

If getPCNames() returns ["Hero", "Sidekick", "Policeman"] then the result of the above code will be ["Policeman","Sidekick","Hero","Dragon"]

While the above example demonstrates the output of json.unique() if you want to merge two or more arrays and get the unique values in one step you can use the json.union()


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