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json.toVars() Function

Introduced in version 1.5.5
Creates variables from a from a JSON Object or JSON Array. For a JSON object the names of the variables are the keys of the object, while the variables are assigned the values of the object. Characters in key values that are not allowed in MTScript variable names will be replaced with underscores. For a JSON array, only the values are passed in and the variable names will be created from the 2nd parameter suffixed with a number.


json.toVars(jobj, prefix)
json.toVars(jobj, prefix, suffix)
json.toVars(jarr, varname)


  • jobj - The JSON Object.
  • prefix - The prefix to add to the name of each variable. Defaults to an empty string "".
  • suffix - The suffix to add to the name of each variable. Defaults to "".
  • jarr - A JSON array of values to be assigned to the created variables.
  • varname - A string with the base name for the variables to be created. Will be suffixed with the index in the array, i.e. myvar0, myvar1, myvar2, ....

Returns JSON array of the created variable names.


Basic use.
[h: json.toVars(json.set("{}", "a", 1, "b", 2, "c", 3))]
[r: a] [r: b] [r: c]


1 2 3

Example of a slightly more complex object.

<!-- get the inventory property that is a JSON object with 
     multiple JSON objects inside -->
[r: myInventory = getProperty("Inventory")]<br>
<!-- Turn each key in the top level object to a variable and 
     output the results. -->
[r: vars = json.toVars(myInventory)]<br>
[r, foreach(v,vars,""),code:{
	[r: v]: [r: eval(v)]<br>
<!-- Do the same for the belt object. Note that the variable 
     belt was created by the preceding json.toVars() call -->
[r: vars = json.toVars(belt,"b_")]<br>
[r, foreach(v,vars,""),code:{
	[r: v]: [r: eval(v)]<br>
<!-- And again for the backpack object.  -->
[r: vars = json.toVars(backpack,"","_pack")]<br>
[r, foreach(v,vars,""),code:{
	[r: v]: [r: eval(v)]<br>


{"pockets":{"string":20,"candle":2,"picks":1},"backpack":{"bedroll":1,"torches":3,"rations":5},"belt":{"sword":1,"dagger":1,"healing potion":2,"flask of oil":1}}
pockets: {"string":20,"candle":2,"picks":1}
backpack: {"bedroll":1,"torches":3,"rations":5}
belt: {"sword":1,"dagger":1,"healing potion":2,"flask of oil":1}
b_sword: 1 b_dagger: 1 b_healing_potion: 2 b_flask_of_oil: 1
bedroll_pack: 1
torches_pack: 3
rations_pack: 5

Using a JSON array as the first parameter.

[h: myStats = json.rolls("3d6",6)]
[r: vars = json.toVars(myStats,"Stat")]<br>
[r, foreach(v,vars,""),code:{
	[r: v]: [r: eval(v)]<br>


Stat0: 10
Stat1: 14
Stat2: 9
Stat3: 8
Stat4: 11
Stat5: 13

Version Changes

  • 1.5.7 - Added JSON array parameter option.