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isVisible() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b69
Check whether a point on the map is visible from a token or not. It returns 1 if the token is visible, 0 otherwise. This vision is based off of the impersonated token.




  • x - Then tokens x coordinate. Always in map units, not grid .
  • y - Then tokens x coordinate. Always in map units, not grid .
  • tokenRef - The check for visibility is performed from either the token id or Token Name of the token.

     Note: This parameter can only be used in a Trusted Macro

Token IDs are unique, but Token Names can be duplicated. Using Token Name when more than one token has the same name can produce unexpected results.


A simple example for testing out isVisible(). Drop the default tokens "Hero" and "Troll" on a map. Make sure "Hero" has sight (make him PC or set sight manually). You can then execute the following code as a campaign macro to check if the Hero can see the Troll.
<!-- lets check if token1 can see token2 -->
[h: token1 = "Hero"]
[h: id1 = findToken(token1)]

[h: token2 = "Troll"]
[h: id2 = findToken(token2)]

<!-- get the map coordinates of token2 -->
<!-- i want to check if the center of the occupied cell can be seen -->
<!-- getTokenX/Y retrieves the top-left corner, so -->
<!-- in a 50 pixel grid the center is offset by 25 pixel -->
[h: x = getTokenX(1, id2)+25]
[h: y = getTokenY(1, id2)+25]

<!-- and final the check for visiblity -->
[r:getName(id1)] <b>[r, if(isVisible(x,y, id1)): "can"; "cannot"]</b> see [r:getName(id2)].

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