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isNumber() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b48
Test if the string parameter is a number. Returns 1 if the passed in string is a number, or 0 if it is not. Will accept integer or floating point values with or without a leading sign character. Strings containing numbers in scientific notation (1e3) or not in Base-10 will return false.


[h: result = isNumber(string)]


  • string - A string to test.


Test if the input is a valid number
[h: status = input("mod|0|Attack Modifier")]
[h: abort(status)]
[r, if(isNumber(mod) == 1), code: {
  [h: atkMod = number(mod)]
  Attack Mod is: [r: atkMod]
  <b>Invalid input for attack modifier: [r: mod]</b>