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[ ] Display Tooltip to GM Option

Introduced in version 1.3.b58

[gt: ], [gmtt: ] evaluates the text after the ':' and will display the result to everyone, but only displays the tooltip to the GM. For example, [gt: 2+2] will, depending on the GM's preferences, show « 2+2 = 2 + 2 = 4 » to the GM in his chat window, or when he hovers his mouse over the output, but would only show the result of the calculation, in this case 4, to everyone else, including yourself.

This roll option may be combined with the [s:], [w():], [g:], and [st:] options. Blank messages will not be shown to a certain user if an entire message is invisible to that user due to these roll options or the [h:] roll option.