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getViewArea() Function

Introduced in version 1.5.0
Returns the limits of the visible area of the map window, given in either map pixels or cell coordinates depending on the first parameter. The result is in a ";" delimited String as default or can be configured by setting the delimiter or using Json.


getViewArea(pixels, delim)


  • pixels - if set to true (1) means the returned coordinates are measured in map pixels. If set to false (0) the returned coordinates are measured in map cells. Defaults to true.
  • delim - if set to "json" means the returned coordinates are defined in JSON style. Otherwise a String property list is returning using delim as a delimiter. Defaults to ;.


Get the viewport dimensions of the current client:
[r: getViewArea()] <!-- Default pixels -->
[r: getViewArea(0)] <!-- in Grid Cells -->
[r: getViewArea(1)] <!-- in Pixels -->
[r: getViewArea(0, "json")] <!-- Cells as JSON -->
[r: getViewArea(1, "json")] <!-- Pixels as JSON -->
[r: getViewArea(0, ",")] <!-- Cells as "," separated String properties: -->
[r: getViewArea(1, ";")] <!-- Pixels as ";" separated String properties: -->


startX=0; startY=0; endX=886; endY=616 
startX=0; startY=0; endX=17; endY=12 
startX=0; startY=0; endX=886; endY=616 
startX=0, startY=0, endX=886, endY=616 
startX=0; startY=0; endX=886; endY=616

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