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getTokenImage() Function

Returns the asset id of the image for the for the Current Token.


getTokenImage(size, id)
getTokenImage(size, id, mapname)


  • size - OPTIONAL: The size in pixels the image should be returned as. If a blank string "", no size adjustment is done. Defaults to "".
  • id - OPTIONAL: The token id of the token for which you want to retrieve the token image, defaults to the Current Token.
  • mapname - OPTIONAL: The name of the map to find the token. Defaults to the current map.


To display the image for the current token.
<img src='[r:getTokenImage()]'></img>

To get the image of any token using its id and the token roll option.

[h, token(tokenId): imgAsset = getTokenImage()]

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Version Changes

  • 1.5.4 - Added id and mapname parameter options.