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getStrProp() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b42
Returns the value associated with a key from the specified string property list.


getStrProp(propList, key)
getStrProp(propList, key, default)
getStrProp(propList, key, default, delim)


  • proplist - String property list to extract data from.
  • key - Key within string to extract. This cannot include a space.
  • default - Value returned if the key is not found.
  • delim - Delimiter between fields (default is ";").


To get the name from a weapon string property list
[h: weapon = "name=longsword; damage=1d8; maxdamage=8"]
Name of Weapon: [r: getStrProp(weapon, "name")]

Returns Name of Weapon: longsword.

To get the minimum damage from a weapon string property list with a default value should the key not exist

[h: weapon = "name=longsword; damage=1d8; maxdamage=8"]
Minimum damage of Weapon: [r: getStrProp(weapon, "mindamage", 1)]

Returns Minimum damage of Weapon: 1.

To get the damage from a weapon string property list where the field delimiter is a colon. The default is 1d3 (note that a default value must be provided in order to specify the delimiter).

[h: weapon = "name=longsword: damage=1d8: maxdamage=8"]
Damage of Weapon: [r: getStrProp(weapon, "damage", "1d3", ":")]
Returns Damage of Weapon: 1d8.

Version Changes

  • 1.3b43 - Added the optional error parameter.