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getMatchingLibProperties() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b54
Returns a String List or JSON Array with names of the Token Properties on a specific Library Token that match the given pattern.


getMatchingLibProperties(pattern, lib)
getMatchingLibProperties(pattern, lib, delim)


  • pattern - A regular expression(regex) that represents the pattern the properties should match.
  • lib - The name of the Library Token that is checked for properties that match, defaults to the Library Token the macro is running on.
  • delim - The delimiter used in the String List that is returned, defaults to ",". Returns a JSON Array if "json" is specified.


Assuming that you have a Library Token that contained a list of all the items and their detail in your campaign stored as Token properties names with the following format Type:Item Name (for example Weapon:Longsword), you could use the following code to loop through

all the weapons.

[foreach(item, getMatchingLibProperties("Weapon:.*", "Lib:Items")): {
    <!-- Do something really exciting here -->

Or the following to loop through all the armor

[foreach(item, getMatchingLibProperties("Armor:.*", "Lib:Items")): {
    <!-- Do something really exciting here -->

Or even all the armor and all the shields.

[foreach(item, getMatchingLibProperties("(Armor|Shield):.*", "Lib:Items")): {
    <!-- Do something really exciting here -->

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