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getLibProperty() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b48
Returns the value of a token property from a library token. If the lib argument is not specified then the token property will be retrieved from the library token that the macro is currently running from, or produce an error if the current macro is not on a library token. Unlike getProperty(), this function will not retrieve the default value of a campaign property. Default values are generally programmed as local variables in a macro, then overridden with the result of this function if this function returns a value. An example is shown below.


getLibProperty(name, lib)

Needs Clarification:
This block and its example seem to be outdated. Testing is required and this page corrected, if necessary.

If the value of the property on the library token equals the default value, then MapTool will treat the property as though it were empty (because its content matches the default value that is used when the property is empty) and will return an empty string!

For example, suppose a property named Weapons has a default value of "Shotgun, Pistol". If you leave the value on the library token unchanged, it will appear to contain the value "Shotgun, Pistol" in places like the stat sheet, but this function will return an empty string.

[getLibProperty("Weapons", "lib:Compendium")]

Returns an empty string.

It may help to review some relevant functions that apply to regular token properties, getProperty(), getPropertyDefault(), and resetProperty().


To get the "init" token property from the library token that a macro is running from use

To get the "init" token property from the library token if the library token has such a property. If not, use a default value of "default".

[result = getLibProperty("init")]
[if(result == ""): result = "default" ]

To get the "init" token property from a library token called lib:Attacks use

[getLibProperty("init", "lib:Attacks")]

Version Changes

Updated in 1.11: MTscript functions for acting on library tokens have been modified to also work on Add-on libraries. This modification allows the namespace of the add-on library to be used where the Lib: token name would normally appear. For example,

[h: getLibProperty("defaultStrength", "")]