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getFrameProperties() Function

Introduced in version 1.5.4
Returns a json object holding the properties associated with a given frame. The properties are width, height, temporary, title, and value.




  • name - The name of the frame.


Opening up a frame
[frame5("Test", "title=My Frame; width=100; height=200; temporary=0; value=99"):{A frame}]

Getting the properties of the frame:


The output will be:

  "title": "My Frame",
  "tabtitle": "My Frame",
  "html5": 1,
  "temporary": 0,
  "visible": 1,
  "docked": 1,
  "floating": 0,
  "autohide": 0,
  "height": 1148,
  "width": 285,
  "undocked_x": 1053,
  "undocked_y": 358,
  "undocked_h": 225,
  "undocked_w": 252,
  "value": "99"

Version Changes

  • 1.11.0 - Added more properties.