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getDistance() Function

 Note: This function can only be used in a Trusted Macro

Introduced in version 1.3b51
Returns the distance between two tokens or objects.


getDistance(target, units)
getDistance(target, units, source)
getDistance(target, units, source, metric)


  • target - The id of the token that the distance is measured to.
  • units - If set to false(0), the distance is given in cells, otherwise the default is to return the distance in Distance Per Cell units.
  • source - The id of the token to measure the distance from, the default is the current token.
  • metric - The movement metric to use which defaults to the movement metric in the users preferences, the metric can be one of the following strings
    • NO_GRID - The grid is ignored and straight line distance between the tokens is returned.
    • ONE_TWO_ONE - First Diagonal movement costs 1, second 2, and so on (Square grid only).
    • ONE_ONE_ONE - Diagonal movement costs a single square (Square grid only).
    • MANHATTAN - Diagonal movement costs 2 (Square grid only).
    • NO_DIAGONALS - No diagonal movement is allowed (Square grid only).


To get the distance from the current token to the Altar.
[h: dist = getDistance("Altar")]

To get the distance between the Altar and the Sacrifice in the number of squares or hexes.

[h: dist = getDistance("Altar", 0, "Sacrifice")]

To get the distance between the Altar and the Sacrifice in map distance units.

[h: dist = getDistance("Altar", 1, "Sacrifice")]

To get the straight line distance between the Altar and the Sacrifice.

[h: dist = getDistance("Altar", 1, "Sacrifice", "NO_GRID")]

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Version Changes

  • 1.3b55 - Added the optional metric argument.