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 Note: This refers to a proposed change that has not been implemented in the main code base yet.

flipTokenX() Function

 Note: This function can only be used in a Trusted Macro

Introduced in version 1.10.0
Last checked for compatibility with version 1.10.0
Flip the current token image horizontally like the right-click menu option.


flipTokenX() - current token
flipTokenX(tokenRef) - specify token by name or ID
flipTokenX(tokenRef, map) - specify token and map


  • tokenRef - Either the token id or Token Name of the token to change
  • map - Map the token is located on
Token IDs are unique, but Token Names can be duplicated. Using Token Name when more than one token has the same name can produce unexpected results.

Returns 0


Flip the current token horizontally.
[h: flipTokenX()]

Flip the "Stairs Down" token on map "Level 1".

[h: flipTokenX("Stairs Down", "Level 1")]

Clear flipped status.

[h, if(isFlippedX() == 1):flipTokenX()]

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Version Changes

  • 1.10.0 - Added function.