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findToken() Function

 Note: This function can only be used in a Trusted Macro

Introduced in version 1.3b48
Finds a token on the current map by the token name, GM name, or ID and returns its id. If the optional mapname parameter is supplied that map will be searched instead. If the token is not found then an empty string "" is returned.




  • name/ID - Either the name of the token or the ID.
  • mapname - Optional name of the map to search for the token on.


Search for token on current map
[h: id = findToken("Hero")]
[if (id == "", "Token not found!", "Token found")]

Search for token on current map and then search the map named Stash if not found.

<!-- Prompts for "TokenName" as it isn't already defined -->
[h: name = TokenName]
[h: id = findToken(name)]
[r, if(id == ""), code: {
	Not on current map. Searching Stash.<br>
	<!-- Search on the map named "Stash" -->
	[h: id = findToken(name, "Stash")]
	[r: if(id == "", name + " not found!", name + " found in Stash")]
	[r: name] found on map [r: getCurrentMapName()].