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findDrawings() Function

 Note: This function can only be used in a Trusted Macro

Introduced in version 1.5.0
Returns the id or ids of any drawing on the specified map that matches the name parameter.


findDrawings(mapName, name)
findDrawings(mapName, name, delim)


  • mapName - A string containing the name of the map.
  • name - A string containing name of the searched for drawings. Pass "*" to get all drawings. Drawings can be named via the Draw Explorer interface or using setDrawingName().
  • delim - Optional separator. If not specified, the default value "," is used. If "json" is specified, a JSON array is returned instead of a String List.


[h:id=findDrawings("Grasslands", "block")]
[h:setFillColor("Grasslands", id,"#000000")]
[h:refreshDrawing("Grasslands", id)]

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Version Changes

  • 1.10.0 - Added wildcard option for drawing name.