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deselectTokens() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b68
Deselects one or more visible tokens on the map.


deselectTokens(tokens, delim)


  • id - the id string or name of a specific token to deselect (the examples below use the token name, but token IDs are also valid); if left blank all currently selected tokens are deselected.
  • tokens - a String List of tokens to deselect.
  • delim - Specifies the delimiter used in the string list that is supplied. If the delimiter is "json", then the value for list may be a JSON Array instead. Note: if using a JSON Array or String List, delim must be specified.


To deselect a single token with the name "Adventurer":

To deselect a list of Tokens using a String List:

[h:deselectTokens("Adventurer, Orc 2, Goblin 1", 0, ",")]

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Version Changes

  • 1.3b68 - Function added.