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data.getStaticData() Function

 Note: This function can only be used in a Trusted Macro

Introduced in version 1.11.0
Currently, the only type of data this function can return is for Add-On Libraries, but this may be expanded in the future. This function can be used to access text files, JSON, or even images within an add-on. Images are returned in the asset:// format so they can be used in image tags.


[data.getStaticData(namespace, path)]

If called from outside of an add-on, getStaticData() can only access files in the library/public/ directory. Refer to Technical definition of Add-on Libraries for a description of the internal file structure of the add-on.


This example demonstrates how to retrieve raw text from the file contained within the add-on library and display it in the chat panel.
Excessively large text may produce errors as the chat panel may not be able to handle all of it. In such a case, no partial output will appear.

Text will always be read as UTF-8, so ensure that you use that encoding when creating the content.

[r: data.getStaticData("", "public/testData.txt")]

Returns the contents of the file, possibly with embedded control codes, such as \n or similar.

This example retrieves the content of the file from the add-on. This will only succeed when executed from within the add-on.

[r: data.getStaticData("", "example/testData2.txt")]

Returns the contents of the file.

When called from within the code of the add-on, getStaticData() can only access files in the library/ directory and subdirectories. For example, to display the contents of a testData2.txt file in a directory library/example/ from one of the add-on's macros, use this line is the macro:

  • Do NOT include the library/ directory prefix when retrieving content.
  • The context menu for library tokens has the Export Library Token as Addon... option. This option creates a separate file in the add-on's library/property/ directory for each non-empty property on the token. Given that they are not under library/public, they will not be accessible outside from the add-on. Move them into library/public/ if you want them to be available.
  • If getStaticData() is unable to access the file, the result will be an empty string.
  • The full namespace of the add-on must be used (as defined by the name property in the add-on's library.json file). You cannot use this as the namespace — trying to do so will produce the error, "Library with namespace 'this' does not exist."