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createMap() Function

 Note: This function can only be used in a Trusted Macro

Introduced in version 1.14.0
Creates a map from the information in the required JSON object parameter. The JSON object must have name, and has optional config key/value pairs.




  • name - A string with the name of the new map.
  • name - A JSON object as described for the config options parameter of copyMap().

config parameter

config is a JSON Object that can contain any of the following fields. Field names are case-sensitive, and all fields are optional:

  • display name: - defaults to none
  • player visible: - defaults to user preferences
  • vision type: - defaults to user preferences
  • vision distance: - defaults to user preferences
  • lighting style: - defaults to "OVERTOP"
  • background paint: - defaults to built-in Grass
  • fog paint: - defaults to black
  • has fog: - defaults to user preferences (TODO Implement it)
  • map asset: - defaults to none
  • grid: - JSON object, see below

The grid value is another JSON object, with these optional keys:

  • type: - defaults to user preferences
  • color: - defaults to user preferences
  • units per cell: - defaults to user preferences
  • size: - defaults to user preferences
  • x offset: - defaults to 0
  • y offset: - defaults to 0


Create a map called New Map.
[r: id = createMap("New Map")]

Returns: The ID of the created Map.

Create a map called New Map with config options set.

[r: vNewMapId = createMap("New Map", json.set("{}",
        "display name", "Display Name",
        "player visible", json.true,
        "vision type", "NIGHT",
        "vision distance", 600,
        "lighting style", "OVERTOP",
        "has fog", json.true,
        "ai rounding", "CELL_UNIT",
        "grid", json.set("{}",
                "type", "Square",
                "color", "#FF0000",
                "units per cell", 20,
                "size", 200,
                "x offset", 7,
                "y offset", 11
        "background paint", "asset://c93660c09e3d3f9aff04df49a6c594b4",
        "map asset", "asset://014aaa10a10b5ddcbbe006f3c22188c2"


The ID of the created Map.

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Version Changes

  • 1.14.0 - First released.
  • 1.15.0 - Map Asset accepts lib://path/to/image.jpg URLs