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closeDialog() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b49
Closes the specified macro dialog that was previously created using [ dialog():]. If the

dialog is not open then the function has no effect.

The most common use for this function is closing a dialog based from a macro that is run when clicking on a link or button for the dialog that has no close button.

NOTE In later versions of maptool (tested in b74) this works only for dialogs opened with [dialog():]. Frames cant be closed with this. But there is a new analog function available for that, too. See closeFrame()


[h: closeDialog(name)]


[h: closeDialog("CharacterSheet")]

Assuming a dialog called "Name Entry" has been created without the input flag but containing a form. In the macro called when the form is submitted you can use the following logic to check that the "name" field is not blank and close the dialog.

[h, if(listGet(macro.args, "name")), code: {
    [closeDialog("Name Entry")]
} ; {
    <!-- otherwise we would do something here to tell the user to provide a name -->