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broadcast() Function

 Note: This function can only be used in a Trusted Macro

Introduced in version 1.3b77
Sends a message in the chat area to either all connected MapTool clients (default), or a subset of player names and/or keywords like "gm" given in a string list or JSON array. Broadcast does not display the sender's name or token image in front of the message.

The big differences between broadcast and a normal chat message are:

  1. if the message is part of a macro, then the message is sent even if the macro is aborted (after the broadcast),
  2. the message sender's name and token image are NOT displayed, and
  3. if you broadcast an execLink(), then that macro is AUTOMATICALLY executed on the clients it's broadcasted to, with the exception of the client that sends the message!


 broadcast(message, [targets], [delimiter])


  • message - a message that is broadcasted to the users that are listed as parameters.
  • targets - a String list or JSON array of Player names, not Token names. Also recognizes: "gm", "gm-self", "self", "none", "all", "not-gm", "not-self", and "not-gm-self" as valid parameters. Defaults to all players (so if no parameter is given the message is send to all players). Note that targets is inclusive, so setting it to "not-gm, gm" will send the message to all connected players - all non-GMs and all GMs.
  • delim - The delimiter used to separate the values in the String List that is given, defaults to ",". If "json" is specified, a JSON array is expected instead of a String List.


  • Sending a message to all players:
[h: broadcast("Hello World")]

  • Sending a message to all GMs only:
[h: broadcast("Hello World", "gm")]

  • Sending a message to "tim" and "tom" only (default comma delimiter):
[h: broadcast("Hello World", "tim, tom")]

  • Using json as the delimiter:
[h: broadcast("Hello World", '["tim", "tom"]')]
[h: broadcast("Hello World", json.append("", "tim", "tom"))]

  • Executing the macro update() located at lib:Token, for the token Dragon on the PC of user Tim:
[h: link = macroLinkText("update@Lib:Token", "none", "", "Dragon")]
[h: broadcast(execLink(link), "tim")]

Version Changes

  • 1.5.5 - Added the gm-self, self, all, and none options to targets.
  • 1.5.7 - Added the not-gm-self, not-self, and not-gm options to targets.