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bringToFront() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b48
Adjust the z order (or draw order) of the Token so that is is drawn after all other Tokens on the same Map Layer, this has the effect of making the Token appear to be in front of the other Tokens as it will obscure other Tokens on the same Map Layer in the same location.


bringToFront(tokenRef, mapname)


  • tokenRef - Either the token id or Token Name of the token to effect, defaults to the Current Token.

     Note: This parameter can only be used in a Trusted Macro

  • mapname - The name of the map to find the token. Defaults to the current map.
Token IDs are unique, but Token Names can be duplicated. Using Token Name when more than one token has the same name can produce unexpected results.


<!-- Make sure that we are visible above all other tokens on the same layer -->
[h: bringToFront()]

<!-- The Hero of the piece should always stand out -->
[h: bringToFront("Hero")]

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Version Changes

  • 1.3b51 - Added id parameter option.
  • 1.5.4 - Added mapname parameter option.