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arg() Function

Introduced in version 1.3b51
Is used to extract arguments that are passed to a macro when called as a user defined function.

User functions are defined with the defineFunction() function. Once you have defined a function you can call it as you would call any of the existing functions, for example attackRoll(Strength, -1). The arg() function is used within the macro that is called to extract each of these arguments. The index of the first argument is 0.

The argCount() function is often used in conjunction with arg() to determine the number of arguments that have been passed to the user defined function.




  • index - The index of the argument to return. Indexes begin at 0.


Given a user defined function called attackRoll() which accepts two arguments, which are attribute value and bonus you could call it in the following way.
[attackRoll(12, -1)]

Then inside the macro that implements the user defined function you can do the following.

[h: attr = arg(0)]
[h: bonus = arg(1)]
[r: 1d20 + floor(attr/2) + bonus]

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