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This macro will search another map for tokens matching a specific naming pattern and then replace the macros on the current map with those. The original intent was to update JMR's Monster Tokens with new macros without losing the original details (other than the macros). This one has some fun features:

  • Initial warning with abort on cancel
  • Allow a map to be selected from a dropdown populated with all maps
  • Replace macro logic based on a specific macrogroup (safer)
  • Select target macros based on a regular expression
  • Easy inline commenting
  • Colorized output based on success

Example output when this macro is run:

Searching for Wolf...
Found! Replacing all macros.
Searching for Okre...
not found on source map, skipping.
Finished. Replaced macros on 9/10 Monster tokens. Check output for missing tokens


[h: vInputHeader = "header| <html><div style='font-size:12pt;text-align: center'><b>This will replace all monster action macros on <br>the current map WITHOUT CONFIRMATION<br>Click OK to proceed or Cancel to abort.</div></html>||LABEL|SPAN=TRUE"]
[h: vStatus = input(vInputHeader )]
[h: abort(vStatus)]
[h:input("sourceMapName|" + maps + "|Select Monster Tokens map|LIST|SELECT=0 VALUE=STRING")]

[h: broadcast("<b>Beginning token update...</b><br>", "gm")]
[h: '<!--
	- Get a list of all "Monster" type tokens on the map
	- For each monster token, search the designated map for a matching token name (prefix)
	- Delete the existing actions group 
	- Copy the targets action group macros into the token
[h: cond = '{ "propertyType": "Monster" }']
[h: localMonsters = getTokens("json", cond)]
[h: foundCounter = 0]
[h: totalLocalMonsters = listcount(localMonsters)]
[h: targetMacroGroup = "-Actions"]

[h, foreach(localMonsterId,localMonsters),CODE:{
	[localMonsterName = getName(localMonsterId)]
	[localMonsterNameTrimmed =  replace(localMonsterName, "(.*?) [0-9]+","\$1")]
	[broadcast("Searching for " + localMonsterNameTrimmed + "...", "gm")]
	[templateMonsterId = findToken(localMonsterNameTrimmed,sourceMapName)]
	[if(templateMonsterId != ""),code:{
		[foundCounter = foundCounter + 1]
		[broadcast("<p style='color:green;'> Found! Replacing all macros.</p><br>", "gm")]
		["Wipe out all the -Actions macros"]
		[localAction_ids = getMacroGroup(targetMacroGroup,"json",localMonsterId)]
		[foreach(localAction_id,localAction_ids): removeMacro(localAction_id, localMonsterId)]
		["Copy the macros from the source into the new"]
		[sourceActionIds = getMacroGroup(targetMacroGroup,"json",templateMonsterId,sourceMapName)]
		[foreach(sourceActionId,sourceActionIds): createMacro(getMacroProps(sourceActionId, "json", templateMonsterId,sourceMapName), localMonsterId)]
		[broadcast("<p style='color:red;'> not found on source map, skipping.</p><br>", "gm")]

[h: "We're done, let's send some pretty output on what happened. Green if all is well, red if some were missed"]
[h: missedCount = totalLocalMonsters - foundCounter]
[h, if(missedCount > 0),code:{
	[h: broadcast(strformat("<p style='color:red;'>Finished. Replaced macros on %{foundCounter}/%{totalLocalMonsters} Monster tokens. Check output for missing tokens.</p>"), "gm")]
	[h: broadcast(strformat("<p style='color:green;'>Finished. Replaced macros on %{foundCounter}/%{totalLocalMonsters} Monster tokens.</p>"), "gm")]

The latest version will be on my GitHub repository