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Following is the full macro code for the Sorting Nested JSON Objects How To. Line numbers are excluded to ease cutting and pasting.

<!--Set Up Sample Object-->

[h:troll = json.set("{}", "name", "Troll", "HD", 4, "HP", 75)]
[h:orc = json.set("{}", "name", "Orc", "HD", 3, "HP", 13)]
[h:goblin = json.set("{}", "name", "Goblin", "HD", 2, "HP", 6)]
[h:gnoll = json.set("{}", "name", "Gnoll", "HD", 3, "HP", 19)]
[h:kobold=json.set("{}", "name", "Kobold", "HD", 1, "HP", 4)]
[h:monsters = json.set("{}", "Troll", troll, "Orc", orc, "Goblin", 
                       goblin, "Gnoll", gnoll, "Kobold", kobold)]

<!--Request User Input for Sorting-->

[h:status = input(
    "whichKey|name,HD,HP|Pick Sorting Key|LIST|SELECT=0 VALUE=STRING",
    "whichDirection|A+,A-,N+,N-|Direction (A+/- for strings, N+/- for numbers!)"+

[h,if(substring(whichDirection,1)=="+"): dirString = "ascending"; dirString = "descending"]

<!--Initialize Variables-->

[h:sortKey = whichKey]
[h:sortDirection = whichDirection]
[h:sortObjContentList = json.fields(sortObj)]
[h:keyList = ""] 
[h:sortedJSON = "{}"]

<!--Get value corresponding to sortKey for each nested object and append to keyList-->

[h,foreach(item, sortObjContentList),CODE:
   [h:itemDetail = json.get(sortObj,item)]
   [h: keyList = listAppend(keyList, json.get(itemDetail, sortKey))]

<!--Sort keyList based on the direction input by the user-->

[h:keyList = listSort(keyList, sortDirection)]

Loop through keyList, and for each element, find the matching nested object(s) 
and add them to the new sortedJSON object

     [objectDetail = json.get(sortObj,object)]
     [h:sortOnValue = json.get(objectDetail, sortKey)]
     [if(sortOnValue == key): sortedJSON=json.set(sortedJSON, object, objectDetail);""]

<!--Output the Results-->

JSON Object sorted by [r:whichKey], [r:dirString]:<br>
<pre>[r:json.indent(sortedJSON, 3)]</pre>