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Languages:  English  • 日本語

• Introduced in version 1.15.0

This event is triggered whenever the cursor moves over a token on the token layer.

Returns a string list that contains token ID, X, Y, Shift Key Down State, Control Key Down State

Set up

A special macro that can be created on library tokens to have macro code automatically execute when the cursor moves over OR off of a token on the token layer.

This special macro is ideally suited for setting parameters specific to the token you have moved over.

When an onMouseOver macro is executed automatically, it is considered a Trusted Macro. If you wish to use trusted functions within onMouseOver and execute it manually (e.g. while developing macros), you will have to make sure that it follows all of the rules of Trusted Macros.

How to Create an onMouseOver Macro

You can create an onMouseOver macro on any library token; simply create a macro that is specifically named onMouseOver.

The library token must have "Owner: All Players" unchecked, otherwise onMouseOver is not executed. To avoid permission issues with called functions, the onMouseOver macro should have "Options: Allow Players to Edit Macro" unchecked.

You can use macro.args to retrieve string list.

Languages:  English  • 日本語