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Template Usage

You should always write the description as though the words "This function..." are automatically supplied by the template.

Refer to Help:Editing for more detailed documentation.


This is an example function.  It doesn't actually exist as a function in MapTool.
If you put a bulleted list here, don't end the description with the list.
MediaWiki encloses this parameter inside a DIV block and it will put the close
DIV tag inside the last LI.  For this reason, you may see description
parameters whose values contain a bulleted list followed by a line
that contains only, " "
<source lang="mtmacro" line>
exampleFunction(param1, param2)

This example doesn't really do anything.
<source lang="mtmacro" line>
[h: exampleVariable = "a,b,c"]
[r: exampleFunction(exampleVariable, reverse)]
<source lang="mtmacro" line>

[[linkToRelatedArticle|Display Name of Related Article]]

* '''1.3b52''' - Added reverse parameter.


{{{name}}}() Function