Renumbering and Colorizing Tokens

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This simple GM macro allows you to renumber and provide halos to a group of tokens. Change the listOfColors line to add colors or modify their assignment order. Note that if you have more tokens than colors, they will cycle from the beginning of the list.

[h: status = input("name||Name?|TEXT", "idx|1|Begin at index|TEXT")]
[h: abort(status)]
[h: colorid = 0]
[h:listOfColors = "blue, fuchsia, green, orange, purple, red, teal, yellow, black, lime, cyan"]
[h: tokens = getSelected()]
[h, foreach( id, tokens ), code: {
    [h: setName(name+" "+(strformat("%02d",idx)), id)]
    [listGet(listOfColors, colorid)]
    [h: setHalo(listGet(listOfColors, colorid), id)]
    [h: setGMName("", id)]
    [h: idx = idx+1]
    [h: colorid = if(colorid < listCount(listOfColors) - 1, colorid+1, 0)]

Inspiration from CoveredInFish post