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The example at the very bottom for the advanced character sheet references the macro "CharSheetHeader" but doesn't actually outline what exactly goes into it, anywhere on the page. Presumably that's the bit that's holding the "Main" and "Weapons" links at the top of the screenshot, but something like this should probably be spelled out somewhere.--Xazak 08:42, 1 August 2009 (UTC)

Final Example

The last example in this tutorial seems incomplete - the CharSheet macro calls another macro called CharSheetHeader, but this macro doesn't seem to have been written (or I'm going blind, which is possible). Has anyone worked out how to do this? I'm new to using HTML so some advice would be helpful.

Also, the campaign file at the bottom of the screen doesn't seem to load in MapTool.

Updates required due to new Campaign Properties dialog

As of v1.13.1-rc3 (June 2023), there has been a redesign of the GUI for a few of the tabs that appear in the Campaign Properties dialog. The screen shots herein and a few textual notes regarding that content needs to be updated. There's no point doing this until the GUI is finalized, but it might still be worthwhile to provide some basic documentation so that new users at least have something to fall back on.