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math() Function

Introduced in version
This is NOT a single MapTool function but a collection of math functions in MapTool.
Important Note: Some of these functions have similar versions that don't have the `math.` prefix. These functions may differ slightly from those in implementation and output. For instance, most of these functions return a floating-point number (e.g.: `3.0`), so you may find it helpful to surround them with round(), floor(), or ceiling().


[r:val = math.pi()]
[r:val = math.e()]

[r:val = math.acos(degrees)]
[r:val = math.acos_r(radians)]
[r:val = math.asin(degrees)]
[r:val = math.asin_r(radians)]
[r:val = math.atan(degrees)]
[r:val = math.atan_r(radians)]
[r:val = math.atan2(degrees)]
[r:val = math.atan2_r(radians)]
[r:val = math.cos(degrees)]
[r:val = math.cos_r(num)]
[r:val = math.sin(degrees)]
[r:val = math.sin_r(num)]
[r:val = math.tan(degrees)]
[r:val = math.tan_r(num)]
[r:val = math.toDegrees(num)]
[r:val = math.toRadians(degrees)]

Power and root:
[r:val = math.sqrt(num)]
[r:val = math.squareroot(num)]
[r:val = math.cbrt(num)]
[r:val = math.cuberoot(num)]
[r:val = math.pow(num1,num2)]

[r:val = math.log(num)] (this is the log to base e)
[r:val = math.log10(num)]

[r:val = math.hypot(num1, num2)]
[r:val = math.hypotenuse(num1, num2)]

Simple operations
[r:val = math.abs(num)]
[r:val = math.ceil(num)]
[r:val = math.floor(num)]
[r:val = math.isEven(num)]
[r:val = math.isInt(num)]
[r:val = math.isOdd(num)]
[r:val = math.max(num1, num2, num2, etc.)]
[r:val = math.min(num1, num2, num2, etc.)]
[r:val = math.mod(dividend, divisor)]



[r:val =  math.abs(-3)]

Returns: 3.0


Returns the result of the modulo operation between the two numbers, which represents the remainder after a division operation.

[r: math.mod(14,6)]

Returns 2

[r: math.mod(10,5)]

Returns 0

[r: math.mod(-13,4)]

Returns -1


[r:val =  math.pow(2,3)]
Returns: 8.0

See Also

Some math functions are further documented on their own pages: