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This is the Quick Start Guide to using TokenTool v2.1, the premiere token creation tool for Virtual TableTop programs.

You can get TokenTool 2.1 at or on the official TokenTool repository on GitHub.

User Interface

Canvas Panel
In the Canvas panel of the UI you position and size your desired image in relation to the Token Ring or Overlay with your mouse. Left-click and drag to position. Use the mouse-wheel to size the image.
Token Preview
In the upper right you can see what the resulting token image will look like when you save it.
Overlay Selection
In the lower right you can choose your Token Overlay from the list of different types and styles. The pixel dimensions of the selected Overlay are displayed below the name.
Token Size
The image size of the resulting token is shown in the bottom right. You should set the token size to be the same or smaller than that of the selected Overlay.

TokenTool GUI

If you want to follow along with the next steps, go ahead and click on Overlay Option then locate a token overlay that you want to use. Once you select it, the overlay will appear on the Canvas.

Creating a Token

Say I need to create a token for an Orc warrior princess. In my web browser I go to Google Image Search and enter orc warrior princess as my search terms. I like the 3rd one that comes up by Oksana Diada. I click on the entry in the search list and then right-click on the image to Copy Image. Back in TokenTool, I hit Ctrl-V (or use the Edit menu) to paste my orc princess into the Canvas. You can also drag-n-drop an image from your computer onto the Canvas area.

The image I have chosen is quite large but that's okay. Using the mouse-wheel I can quickly resize it to fit within the token overlay I've chosen. I get something like this:

Orc Princess Token Example

Saving a Token

With my token complete, I need only left-click on the Token Preview to drag the token image from the Token Preview area to my computer or directly into MapTool. I can also save it from the File menu to my computer.

Example Token

My Orc Warrior Princess is ready!

Further Reading

This QuickStart Guide only touched upon the basics of using TokenTool.

  • The TokenTool page has general information about the user interface
  • Read the Creating TokenTool Overlays article to start making your own custom overlays
  • Experiment with the various options on your own to get a feel for what else it can do!

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