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json.path.delete() Function

Introduced in version 1.5.5
Returns a JSON Array or JSON Object with deleted elements. These deletions are specified through the path parameter. Additional information on how to specify the path is availabe here.


json.path.delete(json, path)


  • json - The json element to delete the value from.
  • path - The path of the values.


Suppose we have the following nested json:
[h:troll = json.set("{}", "name", "Troll", "HP", 75, "Attacks", json.append("Claw", "Bite"))]
[h:orc = json.set("{}", "name", "Orc", "HP", 13, "Attacks", json.append("Sword", "Punch"))]
[h:monsters = json.set("{}", "Troll", troll, "Orc", orc)]

To delete the "Punch" attack of the Orc, we could write

[r: json.path.delete(monsters, "Orc.Attacks.[1]")]

or, alternatively,

[r: json.path.delete(monsters, "Orc.Attacks[?(@ == 'Punch')]")]

Either statement return the json without the "Punch",